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Each autumn, the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies holds a public seminar entitled The Canadian Strategic Forecast. The intention is to assemble a group of experts to examine the issues and trends which may play a significant role in shaping Canada’s foreign and defence policy in the coming year.

The Autumn 2003 Seminar examined the possible futures of the domestic and international security environment, and whether the Canadian Forces (CF) is an appropriate vehicle to address some of the problems which may spring from that landscape. Particular attention was paid to the relevance of the CF in domestic security challenges, including the threat of international terrorism; the changing Canada-US relationship in the post-9/11 security environment, and; the role of the CF in collective security operations.

The 2004 federal election, alongside the fluid post-9/11 international security environment, make a re-examination of the structure and mandate of the CF particularly important to Canadians.

Speakers and topics included:

David Pratt, Chair of the Standing Committee on National Defence and Veterans Affairs (SCONDVA)
Foreign Intelligence in the New Security Environment

Max Manwaring, US Army War College
The New Global Security Landscape: The Road Ahead

BGen (Retd) W. D. Macnamara, Conference of Defence Associations Institute
The International Strategic Environment and Canadian National Security Interests

MGen Doug Dempster, Canadian Forces
The CF in the Domestic and International Strategic Environment

LGen (Retd) Mike Jeffery, Canadian Forces
The Canadian Forces in the Domestic Security Environment

Philippe Lagasse, Carleton University
Credit, Fault, and Caution: The Canadian Forces and Continental Defence

Sean Maloney, Royal Military College of Canada
Memo to Canada: The World Has Changed Again