Want to understand the role of the media in the post-911 world? You thought you understood the ‘CNN-effect’ in the 1990s? Al-Jazeera is a new frontier. For those who study information operations and perception management, understand the Al-Jazeera story. Miles examines the origins of “The Island” from its time as a failed BBC project to accidentally pumping high-grade porn into Saudi Arabia on the first day of operations. Miles also explores Al-Jazeera’s role in Arab world conflicts, including the Intifadas, 9-11, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Is Al-Jazeera an Israeli disinformation conspiracy? Was Al Jazeera acting as the “bag man” for al-Qaeda? Why did a Muslim cleric’s discussion of the ethnics of oral sex nearly start trigger mass violence? Is Al-Jazeera part of the problem or, is it in fact part of the solution? Miles also delves into how media and information moves within the Arab world, ways and means far different from those of us on our isolated island of Canada….

Well worth the read.

-Sean M. Maloney, PhD